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Save the Seals by shadowleigh Save the Seals by shadowleigh

Save the Seals by shadowleigh

/ ©2013-2015 shadowleigh

"Man used to hunt and kill for food, for survival... like an animal, nothing more... but, somewhere down the road, as we 'progressed', things changed. We abuse our power, and kill, murder, plunder... excessively, for money, greed, vanity. We no longer care or give a damn about life. We do not hesitate even for a split second when we rob another being's right to live. We have lost our basic sense of decency and reason. We are the worse form of life on this planet.

Every year, THOUSANDS of sealers or seal hunters go on a killing spree, wiping out entire colonies of seals, adult, young, babies... blatantly ignoring authorities' ban and animal lovers' protests... while their governments just sit and watch.... as these poor creatures are being 'harvested' like crops...

There is blood on the ice. Clubbed to near death, suffering and in pain, fully conscious and aware of their impending fate... they wait for their turn, to be cut open, to be skinned alive, to die. With tears of blood, they watch as their kind are being 'finished off', one by one.

The line is drawn. The difference is clear. There is no grey area. Which side are you on? Will you just turn away, and let these murder go on, year after year, after year? Or will you take a stand, and do what you can? Every second we spent waiting, thinking, wondering, is another seal dying....

Now... What will you do?" - [link]

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Amblerrone Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
Why kill them? They're so tiny and defenseless! :(
Zombietox Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yup Seal clubbing has been happening since I was a child and being 26 now its still not under control its sickening, that man does this, it almost makes me think they do it for a laugh I have seen videos of people Abusing Pigs too. Grabbing the piglets throwing them down on the floor to the point bones break and half of them never make it to the slaughter house to be turned into food because of internal bleeding. This is what I mean is the human race is a sickening place to live, me and my husband when we hunt we hunt for food, not game, plus using everything on the kill. Fur/Bones/ and meat, the fur is sold (allergies) and Bones are used in decorative Native Art
shadowleigh Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
See that's what people need to do, I'm not exactly an advocate of using animals for food - but I don't exactly act on it -looks nervously at ham I'm eating-... but I wish that people didn't do things just for the fun of it.. I saw a youtube video once where there was a bus load of people, and they all watched as an antelope was let "free" (tied up actually) in front of a lion... they watched as this lion did what it does naturally... it sickened me.. there were children and adults alike, video taping this... I don't understand what's wrong with our society.. it just sickens me to think about these sort of things...
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January 1, 2013
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